Online Fashion Design Schools - What You Need To Know

By Amy Wells

Online distance education is a strong industry that is continuing to grow and change as more people realize the benefits of receiving their education online. In addition to more traditional programs, there are a number of specializations that are currently available through distance education. If your goal is to attend fashion school and work in the fashion industry, there are many online fashion design schools are available to choose from.

There are many benefits to taking courses online. Distance education cuts out anything extraneous, like commuting, so you can focus solely on your education. You will have much more flexibility, and can study at your own pace. Many people who learn online have other jobs and commitments, and with a little planning and effort, they are able to both study and work at the same time. Taking online courses does require some dedication, but if you are self-motivated, it can be a great way to learn.

With many online fashion design schools, you will fill out either a mail or online application to register for the courses. Your classes will be a mixture of self-study, usually with a textbook or workbook, and online lesson modules. You may have the ability to work with others online, or have online or email chat to the teacher and other students. Some classes may even utilize a web cam, so you can see others, and your teacher and classmates can see you. Because of the nature of online courses, you may even have your final exam be open book, with an emphasis on critical thinking, or involved projects.

If you are planning to attend a US-based school, you will want to make sure they are accredited. Many schools will offer an associate degree,and some may even offer a bachelor. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), is the accrediting body for distance education programs, and some schools may even have an additional accreditation specifically related to fashion design.

Many of the traditional campuses for vocational and technical schools also offer an online fashion design program. For example, Westwood College, a leading vocational school,offers an online Bachelor Degree in Fashion Merchandising. The Art Institute also has a variety of online programs, including a Fashion and Retail Management Program.

If you are truly interested in receiving a fashion design education, you can make it happen. With the Internet, distance does not have to be an impediment to learning. If you are self-motivated and self-directed, an online fashion design program could be the next step in your fashion design career.

Amy Wells writes about fashion education. Thinking of attending Fashion School? Get the facts first, find out where to go and how to save money on Fashion School.